World's Worst is a game in which a topic is given in the form of "the world's worst [something]." The four performers come to "The World's Worst Step" (the lowest step behind the stage) and step forward one-at-a-time with examples that fit the topic. Topics could include characters (e.g. the world's worst doctor), or other topics (e.g. the worst game show). One topic is chosen per playing, and the performers can step forward in any order, and as often as they want. The title of the game did not appear until the show moved to television.

Similar to "Hats/Dating Service Video"






  • In early playings, the examples were longer with later playings more commonly featuring one-liners.
  • In later episodes (particularly those of the 2013 revival) the concept of the "The World's Worst Step" was removed with players simply entering from the side of the stage as per Scenes from a Hat.

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