The Weight Hoedown is an edition of the Hoedown game from the American version of Whose Line. It was performed by Wayne Brady, Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles.


I'm gonna tell you folks a little tale
About how I won the battle of the scales.
See my weight would hurt me, my heart it would break it.
How I lost weight. I picture Drew standing naked.

People always ask me, "Hey Drew did you lose weight?"
And I tell 'em, "Thanks, I feel great."
I find a diet plan that's like no other.
I burn all my calories [fucking] Wayne's [mother].

I don't think it's funny, that I'm overweight.
People make fun of me, boy that isn't great.
The things that they said, boy it made me cry.
Some kid, snuck up and wrote, "Goodyear" on my side.

Singing about weight, I don't know where to begin.
As you noticed I am really quite thin.
I watch my weight, I don't wanna end up dead.
There's very few calories in licking Colin's head.

Wayne and Drew:
[While Ryan licks Colin's head] Licking Colin's head.

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