Hello and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? and indeed welcome to another compilation edition where we group together bits and pieces of recordings which were forced out of our regular shows due to shortage of time. Here we've got a whole half-hour of excitement of those bits stitched together. Let's enjoy it. Here we go.


  • Questions Only
    • Performers: Stephen, Caroline, Colin, and Ryan
    • Scene: Trying to join a circus
  • Film and Theatre Styles
    • Performers: Stephen and Caroline
    • Scene: Caroline's shaving Stephen before a big operation
    • Styles: Jane Austen, Aussie soap opera, Star Trek, Carry On movie
  • Sound Effects
    • Performers: Ryan (sounds) and Colin (acting)
    • Scene: Farmyard chores
  • Song Styles
    • Singer: Niall
    • About: Liz, an osteopath
    • Style: Reggae
  • Fixed Expression
    • Scene: It's a christening, Josie is the mother, Colin is the vicar, Ryan is the father
      • Josie - Flirty
      • Colin - Disgusted
      • Ryan - Shocked
  • World's Worst
    • Outtake from a religious program
    • Performers: Greg, Niall, Colin, and Ryan
  • Whose Line?
    • Performers: Colin and Ryan
    • Scene: It's a doomed planet, and Ryan is sending his son to found civilization on some other planet
    • Lines:
      • "My name is Mary and I talk to pigs."
      • "The answer is written on my butt cheeks."
      • "Take that negligee off."
      • "My arms are long and they're ready to flap."
  • Newsflash
    • Anchormen: Colin and Josie
    • Field reporter: Ryan
    • On the green screen: Chimpanzees
  • Superheroes
    • Crisis: Hair loss
      • Greg - Boomerang Man
      • Ryan - Self-Amusement Boy
      • Stephen - Abusive Boy
      • Colin - No-Need-To-Help Leave-Straight-Away Man
  • Greatest Hits
    • Singer: Josie
    • TV voiceover artists: Colin and Ryan
    • Album: Songs of Unattractive Men
    • Songs:
      • Country western - "When You Nod off I'm Sleeping with My Horse"
      • British pop - "Close Your Eyes and Maybe I'll Love You"
      • Heavy metal - "If I Had a Penis I Wouldn't Need You"


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