Hello and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? and once again we promise another half an hour of tip-top entertainment, and who knows, this time we might even deliver, but certainly tonight we're going to be delivering:

  • The big man, Stephen Frost, who stands head and shoulders above his chest
  • The great woman, Caroline Quentin, who stands head, shoulders, and chest above her feet
  • Then the boy wonder, Colin Mochrie, hailed as the funniest Canadian since Leonard Cohen
  • Finally, this show's lucky pixie, Ryan Stiles, the tallest contestant since Steve Frost

Ladies and gentlemen, the contestants.


  • Here He Is Now
    • Describers: Colin and Stephen
    • Guests: Ryan and Caroline
    • Scene: On a double date, waiting for their dates to arrive
    • Characteristics:
      • Ryan:
        • Don't mention marriage or anything around Ryan, he just goes crazy
        • Don't mention any food in front of Ryan, he just makes these big faces for no reason
      • Caroline:
        • Every time you say "Hello" to her she just starts singing a Chinese opera
        • If you shake her hand or kiss her on the cheek she slaps you really hard
  • Sound Effects
    • Performers: Colin (acting) and Ryan (sounds)
    • Scene: A scuba diving instructor
  • Film Dub
    • Performers: Stephen, Ryan, and Caroline
    • Scene: A wedding party
  • Secret
    • Performers: Ryan and Colin
    • Scene: Two chefs
    • Secret hidden: In the oven
  • Number of Words
    • Scene: On an aeroplane
      • Stephen - Hijacker - 3 words
      • Caroline - Hostess - 2 words
      • Colin - Pilot - 5 words
      • Ryan - Pilot - 1 word
  • Hats
    • World's worst dating agency videos
  • Changing Emotions
    • Performers: Stephen, Ryan, and Colin
    • Props:
      • Bottle - Angry
      • Picture - Horny
    • Scene: Night before a wedding
  • Scene to Music
    • Performers: Stephen and Caroline
    • Scene: At the butcher's 
  • Animals
    • Performers: Ryan, Colin, and Caroline
    • Scene: In a saloon, Ryan comes in to get his girl
    • Animal: Squirrels
  • Foreign Film Dub
    • Actors: Colin and Caroline
    • Translators: Ryan and Stephen
    • Language: German
    • Title: Good Heavens! An Orange!


  • Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie


  • Winners read the credits in the style of compulsive gamblers