Hello and welcome to a brand new edition of Whose Line Is It Anyway? or, if you happen to be watching the repeat, a brand old edition of Whose Line Is It Anyway? featuring tonight:

  • From somewhere in America, the mean, moody, and magnificent Mike McShane
  • From somewhere else in America, the moody Greg Proops
  • From elsewhere in America, the magnificent Ryan Stiles
  • From somewhere else other than America, the meaningless Tony Slattery

Ladies and gentlemen, the contestants.


  • Superheroes
    • Greg - Soap Opera Man
    • Ryan - Itchy Man
    • Tony - Bad Impressions Man
    • Mike - Nose-Lick Boy
    • Crisis: Asteroid full of jam about to crash into the Earth
  • Song Titles
    • Performers: Mike, Greg, and Ryan
    • Scene: In an airport
  • Film Dubbing
    • Performers: Greg and Ryan
    • Scene: A man going to a cryogenics laboratory to pick up the frozen remains of his wife
  • Alphabet
    • Performers: Mike and Tony
    • Scene: Mike is a scientist who, due to some weird laboratory accident, is turning into a fly and Tony is a fellow scientist coming on to see how he is
    • Starting letter: W
  • Song Styles
    • Singer: Mike
    • Musician: Richard
    • About: A train set
    • Style: Disco
  • Helping Hands
    • Performers: Tony, and Ryan with Greg's hands
    • Scene: Tony is a Boy Scout on a camping trip with Scout Leader Ryan
  • Party Quirks
    • Host: Tony
      • Greg - Giraffe
      • Ryan - On a roller coaster
      • Mike - Columbian drugs baron
  • Bartender
    • Bartender: Mike
    • Musician: Richard
      • Ryan - Drinking to forget his wardrobe
      • Tony - In love with an inflatable pig


  • Tony Slattery


  • Winner reads the credits in the style of somebody trying to tell a joke but cracking up