• Film TV and Theater Styles
    • Performers: Colin and Greg
    • Scene: Experienced cop with a new recruit on patrol
    • Style: Soviet propaganda, Swedish porn movie, 50s B movie, Army recruiting film, Thriller
  • Change Letter
    • Performers: Chip and Ryan
      • Scene: Customer (Ryan) and Waiter (Chip)
      • Change: Z instead of T
  • Expert
    • Interviewer - Greg Proops
    • Expert - Ryan
    • Topic: The afterlife
  • Bartender
    • Bartender - Chip
    • Sam Johnson - Trying to forget his bed-wetting problem
    • Jane Brucker - Clive Anderson has left her
  • Props
    • Pairs: Ron and Greg, Ryan and Brad
  • Alphabet
    • Performers: Greg and Ryan
    • Scene: In a tattoo parlor
    • Starting With: Q
  • Film Dub
    • Performers: Ryan, Jane, and Sam
    • Scene: One day on the highway
  • Superheroes
    • Crisis: Earthquakes
    • Greg - Proctologist Man
    • Ryan - Touchy Feely Man
    • Ron - Obscure Reference Man
    • Colin - Lunch Box Boy
  • Hoedown
    • Performers: Greg, Colin, Ryan, and Brad
    • About: Making cheese


  • Compilation episode made up of unaired clips and games from previous episodes.

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