• Authors
    • Title: She's Gotta Have More Macaroni & Cheese
    • Mike McShane - The Journals of Lewis & Clark
    • Mark Cohen - Mario Puzo
    • Greg Proops - Millie the White House Dog
    • John Sessions - Ernest Hemingway
  • Film TV and Theater Styles
    • John Sessions and Mark Cohen
      • Scene: Borrowing something from a Neighbour
      • Styles:Flm noir, Surrealist, Comedia dell'arte, Pornography
    • Greg Proops and Mike McShane
      • Scene: Teenage son telling his father that he's crashed the car
      • Styles: David Lynch, Ibsen, Hitchcock 
  • World's Worst
    • Idea of a TV program
  • Props
    • Pairs: John and Greg, Mike and Mark
  • Song Styles
    • Mike McShane
    • Singing about: Underwear
    • Style: Disco
  • Party Quirks
    • Host - Mark Cohen
    • Guests -
      • Greg Proops - Auctioneer
      • Mike McShane - U.S. football coach
      • John Sessions - Bad mime artist
  • Gospel
    • Singing About: Lawyer


  • John Sessions


  • Winner reads the credits as Sean Connery


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