• Film TV and Theater Styles
    • Features: Sandi Toksvig and Mike McShane
      • Scene: Two drivers smashed into each other
      • Styles: War film, Agatha Christie, Science fiction
  • Duet
    • Features: Mike McShane and Josie Lawrence
      • Singing About: Food processor
      • Style: Love duet
  • Tag
    • Features: Josie Lawrence, Neil Mullarkey, Ryan Stiles and Mike McShane
      • Scene: Changing a light bulb (Josie) and Brushing his teeth (Neil)
  • Interview
    • Features: John Sessions and Paul Merton
      • Paul's Character: Peter Pan
      • Interview Style: NME
  • Rap
    • Features: Ryan Stiles, Josie Lawrence, Meil Mullarkey and Mike McShane
      • Singing About: Veterinarians
  • Song Styles
    • Features: Josie Lawrence
      • Singing About: Fish slice
      • Style: Hymns
  • Props:
    • Pairs: Josie Lawrence and Tony Slattery, Mike McShane and Paul Merton
  • Film Dub
    • Features: Sandi Toksvig and Arthur Smith
      • Scene: Refusing a date
  • Party Quirks
    • Host - Sandi Toksvig
    • Guests -
      • Ryan Stiles - Does everything twice
      • Tony Slattery - Slowly inflating
      • John Sessions - Roman Emperor
  • American Musical
    • Features: Josie Lawrence, Mike McShane, Greg Proops and Tony Slattery
      • Topic: Driving a car, Skiing, and Waking up in the morning


  • Compilation episode consists of clips/games from previous episodes.

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