• Film TV and Theater Styles
    • Features: Ryan Stiles and Sandi Toksvig
      • Scene: Couple meeting on a blind date
      • Style: Mel Brooks, Andy Warhol, Dog film, Shakespeare, Woody Allen
  • Duet
    • Features: Mike McShane and Josie Lawrence
      • Singing About: Lemon squeezer
      • Style: Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • That'll Be Charlie Now
    • Features: Mike McShane, Josie Lawrence, Tony Slattery and Paul Merton
    • Scene: Waiting for a train
  • Interview
    • Features: Tony Slattery and Greg Proops
      • Greg's Character: Noah
      • Interview Style: A children's programme
  • Rap
    • Features: Josie Lawrence, Arthur Smith, Sandi Toksvig and Mike McShane
      • Singing About: Dustman
  • Song Styles
    • Features: Josie Lawrence
      • Singing About: Ironing board
      • Style: Jazz
  • Party Quirks
    • Host - Paul Merton
    • Guests -
      • Archie Hahn - Lounge singer
      • Jonathan Pryce - Mad Highland dancer
      • John Sessions - A character from The Great Escape
  • Film Dub
    • Features: Paul Merton and Tony Slattery
      • Scene: Somebody taking a driving test
  • Musical Producers
    • Features: Josie Lawrence, Mike McShane, Paul Merton, Tony Slattery
    • Topic: Hair-dressing


  • Compilation episode made of clips from previous episodes
  • Features Outtakes / Bloopers

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