• Authors
    • Title: Dab Chick by the River Bank
    • Lee Simpson - T. E. Lawrence
    • Jan Ravens - Duchess of York
    • Tony Slattery - Package holiday brochure
    • Mike McShane - Joseph  Wambaugh
  • That'll Be Charlie Now
    • Characteristics: Smokes, Pustulating sore on his nose, Flashes, Spits in people's ears and sucks it out, Twists people's nipples
    • Scene: Hotel Reception
  • Film Dub
    • Jan Ravens and Tony Slattery
    • Scene: Two people on their honeymoon
  • Song Styles
    • Mike McShane
    • Singing About: Plunger
    • Style: Motown
  • World's Worst
    • Thing to say or do when making love
  • Props
    • Pairs: Mike and Lee, Tony and Jan
  • Rap
    • Singing About: Banking
  • Party Quirks
    • Host - Tony Slattery
    • Guests -
      • Jan Ravens - Air hostess
      • Lee Simpson - Thinks he's in a rehearsal
      • Mike McShane - Thinks he's Scarlett O'Hara
  • American Musical
    • Singing About: Pulling out weeds, Working in northern Italy, and Swimming


  • Lee Simpson


  • Winner reads the credits in the Shakespearean style


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