• Authors
    • Title: The Temptation of Going to the Supermarket and Meeting an Old Lady
    • Greg Proops - Cherokee Oral Tradition
    • Josie Lawrence - D. H. Lawrence
    • Paul Rider - Ted Hughes
    • Mike McShane - Hollywood Gossip Columnist
  • Film TV and Theater Styles
    • Paul Rider and Josie Lawrence
      • Scene: Wedding Anniversary
      • Styles: Spaghetti western, silent movie, children's programme
    • Greg Proops and Mike McShane
      • Scene: Two surgeons
      • Styles: Soap opera, horror
  • Song Styles
    • Josie Lawrence and Mike McShane
    • Singing About: Food processor
    • Style: Spanish Flamenco (Josie) and Rock & Roll (Mike)
  • World's Worst
    • Thing to say at a wedding
  • Props
    • Pairs: Josie and Greg, and Mike and Paul
  • Party Quirks
    • Host - Greg Proops
    • Guests -
      • Paul Rider - Male model
      • Josie Lawrence - Over-enthusiastic
      • Mike McShane - Writes commercials
  • American Musical
    • Singing About: Having curry, Smoking, and Becoming Prime Minister.


  • Mike McShane


  • Winner reads the credits as Brian Blessed


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