• Authors
    • Title: Night of the Crumpet
    • Mike McShane - Louis L'Amour
    • Josie Lawrence - The Brothers Grimm
    • Tony Slattery - Dr. Alex Comfort
    • John Sessions - William Faulkner
  • Film and Theater Styles
    • Josie Lawrence and Mike McShane
      • Scene: A Wife Trying to Murder Her Husband
      • Styles: Russ Meyer, Film Noir, Star Wars, Gilbert & Sullivan
    • Tony Slattery and John Sessions
      • Scene: Tony Is Having a Dinner Party, and Has to Go to the Neighbour for Coffee
      • Styles: Documentary {Stock Market Information Film}, Escape Movie, Restoration Comedy
  • World's Worst
    • Person to Come Forward to Receive an Oscar
  • Remote Control
    • Topic: Hedgehog
    • Mike McShane - Miami Vice
    • Josie Lawrence - Treasure Hunt
    • Tony Slattery - Game for a Laugh
    • John Sessions - Floyd On Fish
  • American Musical
    • Singing About: Playing Football, Stopped by the Police, and Waking Up


  • Mike McShane


  • Winner Reads the Credits as Jimmy Stewart


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