• Authors
    • Title: "A Day at the Races"
    • Stephen Fry - John le Carré
    • Peter Cook - Albert Goldman
    • Josie Lawrence - Kind of People that Write for Women's Magazine
    • John Sessions - Ernest Hemingway
  • Film and Theater Styles
    • Stephen Fry and Peter Cook
      • Scene: Parliamentary Candidate Going Around Looking for Votes
      • Styles: Farce, Travelogue, Gangster Movie
    • John Sessions and Josie
      • Scene: Breaking up with a Partner
      • Styles: Shakespeare, British War Film, Blue Movie
  • Props
    • Pairs:  Josie and Stephen, and John and Peter
  • Panel
    • Issue: Smoking
  • Rap
    • Singing about : Having a Baby


  • Peter Cook


  • Winner reads the credit as a New York Taxi Driver


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