Trust Us with Your Life is a spin-off of Whose Line is it Anyway? that was later combined with the idea for the BBC Two show Fast and Loose. It first aired on ABC network TV on 10 July 2012.

It was hosted by veteran comedian Fred Willard and had most of the US and UK cast as well as live improv comedian Jonathan Mangum.

It was put on hiatus (which presumably was a nicer way of saying it was 'cancelled') following a rival network's airing of the 2012 Olympic Games. Only six of eight total episodes in the only season were aired but the show was made available on iTunes and online streaming affiliates.

Regular and guest performers


  • Dramatic Episode - The performers act out a scene using information from the guest. The guest rings a bell every time the performers get something right and honk a horn when they get something wrong. Similar to "First Date" from Improv-a-Ganza.
  • Face the Music - David Armand illustrates through pantomime a popular song with significance to the guest star who wears a set of headphones so they can't hear the song. After Armand's performance, the guest must figure out what the song is. Played as "Interpretative Dance" on Fast and Loose.
  • Forward/Rewind - The performers act out a scene using information from the guest and they must rewind and go forward when prompted by a pre-recorded voice. Similar to "Forward/Reverse" from Improv-a-Ganza.
  • Glee Club It! - A scene is acted out and when a pre-taped voice saying "Glee Club It!" is played, the performers must start singing until the voice says "back to normal".
  • Messages From Random Acquaintances - The performers provide rapid-fire messages to the guest as if they were friends and acquaintances of the guest and alternate when Fred buzzes. This game is usually done during the credits.
  • Musical Tribute - With the help of keyboardist Cat Gray (who works with Wayne and Jonathan on Let's Make a Deal), the performers sing a song about the guest's life in a style suggested by Fred. Similar to "Song Styles".
  • Putting Words into Your Mouth - The guest takes the stage with one or two of the comedians, another of the comedians will talk for the guest while the scene continues. Similar to "Dubbing" from Whose Line?.
  • Rap It! - The performers act out a scene and start rapping when the voice says "Rap It!" and go back to normal when they hear a voice saying "Word!". Similar to "Kick It!" from Improv-a-Ganza.
  • Shorter and Shorter - The performers have sixty seconds to perform a scene, then they have to do the same scene again in a thirty-second version, and then fifteen seconds, and so on.
  • Sideways Scene - Three of the performers use information from the guest to act out a scene lying down on a special mat behind the set with a camera positioned above them. Fred would randomly buzz in with styles for them to act it out in. This sketch is usually done when the celebrity's story involves sports.
  • Styles - The performers act out a scene using information given by the guest. When Fred presses a button to sound a buzzer, he has the performers restart the scene in a different style. Similar to "Film, TV and Theatre Styles" from Whose Line? and "Options" from Improv-a-Ganza.