Wl scuba diving hoedown

The Scuba Diving Hoedown (Episode 3-15) is an edition of the "Hoedown" game from the British version of Whose Line. It was performed by Greg Proops, George McGrath, Ryan Stiles and Mike McShane.


Greg (with a western accent):
Out on the prairie, it's real dry, we don't know why.
We wait for it to rain and so we can take a dive.
We put on our masks, and put on our tanks and dive right into the dirt,
And then we hit our heads on a rock; damn, it really hurts.

I like to put on real tight clothes and then go underwater.
But every time I get there, I wonder if I oughta.
'Cuz then I see lots of things, there's swimming swimming fish,
and then they make me talk (gurgles) like this.

I love all the fishies, all the sharkies too.
When I see one come towards me, then I swim like you.
Out of all the friends down there, hey, don't you know,
There's a friend of mine, the very popular Jacques Cousteau!

(key of hoedown changes)

Mike: Okay! Now for some fruity George Balanchine cowboy dancing!

(all four dance)

I - I'm a scuba diving boy.
I dive for pearls and I'm picking them up like toys.
And when I'm deep, I've really got no cares,
Until I'm turnin' real blue 'cuz I ain't got no air.

(Mike heaves)

He's got no air! (x4)
He ain't got no air!

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