The Rock Star Hoedown is an edition of the Hoedown game from the American version of Whose Line. It was performed by Wayne Brady, Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.


Wayne: (in British accent)
I love being a rock star. Pop stars make me sick.
I fly all around the world, and I get a lot of chicks.
Best part about being a rock star that I thunk
is because I sing my songs and... (drops to the floor)

Yeah, I love being a rock star. I make 'em pay me in pearls.
I make lots of money and get lots of teenage girls.
And when I'm singin', I really got the power.
Yeah, I'm a rock star when I'm naked in the shower.

I wish I was a rock star. My image would be good.
I would look so virile, like any rock star should.
I put a cucumber in my pants, so it looks like I don't lack.
Of course it looks much better, if it wasn't in the back.

I want to be a rock star. That's what I want to do,
I bet everyone of you would like to be one too.
I like to sing rock 'n' roll, that's my kind of sound.
You'll never hear me singin' a stinkin' hoedown.

A stinkin' hoedown!

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