The Pizza Hoedown is an edition of the Hoedown Game from the American version of Whose Line. It was performed by Brad Sherwood, Kathy Kinney, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.


I ordered a pizza on a movie date
And then I got so mad because that damn pizza was late.
By the time it got there, it was frozen and I tried.
I was so darn angry that I shot the pizza guy.

I wanted a pizza, I'm really hungry.
I can't cook much, so I order, you see.
When the pizza came very cold, the cheese was hard enough.
And the sausage was petrified I was really mad. Oh!

I'm waiting for my pizza, it's been three hours now.
I'm getting really angry just like a British cow.
It really is upsetting, I'm going to really go.
When he gives me my pizza, I won't give him his dough.

My uncle died yesterday, he owned the pizza place.
Right in the coffin, he looked peaceful with his face.
Cooking pizzas was so fun and his name was Sid.
When I opened up the cough, and he was stuck to the lid.

Stuck to the lid!

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