Niall Ashdown (born December 1964) is a comedian, actor, improviser, and writer.

He has previously improvised in television shows such as Lifegame, Animo, Improbable Tales at the Nottingham Playhouse, Impropera, and with the Comedy Store Players. He has written and performed two acclaimed solo shows, Hungarian Bird Festival and The Man Who Would Be Sting and is in Note to Tale, an excellent work with improvising classical quintet Between the Notes. He is also part of Impropera - a group who improvise operas based on suggestions from the audience - they are currently developing a show for a younger audience.

Ashdown was the creator of the popular 'Robbo' Robson character who blogged on the BBC Sport website for nine years, finishing in 2010, although the Robbo blog is still alive and well, along with the odd podcast. Ashdown has also appeared in Chambers, Swiss Toni, Outnumbered, and, as writer/performer, Barking and Confessions.

His radio work includes co-writing and performing in two series of Losers for BBC Radio 4 and in the radio play, Tunnel Vision. He has previously written poetry for Radio 3's The Verb. He is also the voice of Match of the Day's Thunderbird puppet Alan Hansen.


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