Late Last Night is a 1999 independently produced television movie directed and written by Steven Brill.

The film stars Emilio Estevez, Kelly Rowan, Steven Weber, and "The Drew Carey Show" regular John Carroll Lynch. It also features cameo appearances by Allen Covert and Kelly Monaco. It also has early appearances by Chip Esten as a police officer in Beverly Hills and Sean Masterson as a man in a BMW.


Dan (Estevez) is an entertainment lawyer whose wife (Rowan) has recently left him. Dan decides to re-examine his life and find himself. Dan gets together with a mysterious friend named Jeff (Weber), who will do anything for Dan to have a good time.

Dan has a great time in bars, clubs, high maintenance call girls and others things in this unforgettable night. But Dan mixes fantasy, reality and everything in between. By the end of the night, it's possible that Dan might find what's missing in his life.


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