The First Kiss Irish Drinking Song is an edition of the Irish Drinking Song game from the American version of Whose Line. It was performed by Brad Sherwood, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.


All: Ohhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Brad: When I went to the movies.

Wayne: I saw this chick.

Colin: And I had a chance.

Ryan: I gave her a little lick.

Brad: I kissed her for an hour.

Wayne: Before I did see.

Colin: We both had some fun.

Ryan: I was kissing me.

All: Ohhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Wayne: Because she was so beautiful.

Colin: Her lips were soft and moist.

Ryan: I proposed her on that day.

Brad: I lifted her on a hoist.

Wayne: She was my chick.

Colin: We were so gay.

Ryan: But, we broke up two months later.

Brad: Too bad, anyway.

All: Ohhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Colin: That girl and me made history.

Ryan: Boy, I loved her so.

Brad: I wish I could find her now.

Wayne: Where did she go?

Colin: I searched high and low.

Ryan: There she is, right there.

Brad: I'll think and go kiss her.

Wayne: All over her derrière.

All: Ohhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Ryan: Sometimes, I still think of her.

Brad: When I'm all alone.

Wayne: When I'm sittin' in my cell.

Colin: Gnawing on a rib bone.

Ryan: I think her name was Susan.

Brad: Or maybe it was Jan.

Wayne: Whatever her name was.

Colin: She was a man.

All: Ohhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

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