Wl film tv theater

Colin, Kathy, and Ryan in Episode 3-29

Film TV and Theater Styles (a.k.a. Film and Theater Styles) is a game in which, prior to the scene, the host solicits various styles of film, TV or theater from the audience. These can be either broad genres (e.g. sci-fi) or specific titles (e.g. Star Wars). Two or three performers then begin a given scene; the host periodically stops the scene with a buzzer and chooses an audience-suggested style for the performers to continue the scene in. In the radio and UK pilot episodes, this game was called Genre Option. It's simply called Styles on Green Screen and Options on Improv-A-Ganza.

Similar to "Emotion Options", "Change of Cast", and "Sideways Scene"








  • In early UK playings, it was sometimes played twice in one episode, once with each pair of performers.
  • Later US playings added a third performer to the game.

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