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  • Hollywood Director
    • Director: Colin
    • Scene: Two criminals cutting through an electrified barbed-wire fence to break into a warehouse, Wayne is a security guard who arrives in a Jeep full of guard dogs to stop them
    • Notes:
      • Do it like frat boys
      • Do it sexy
  • Duet
    • Singers: Wayne and Jeff
    • About: Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva
    • Style: A boy band
  • Forward Rewind
    • Scene: Colin and Wayne are snowboarders performing crazy stunts when Wayne wipes out disastrously, Ryan is the fearless paramedic who arrives on his snowmobile, Jeff is Wayne's distraught girlfriend who skis to his aide
  • Living Scenery
    • Actors: Ryan and Colin
    • Props: US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team
    • Scene: Two adventurers hacking their way through a snake-infested jungle, when night falls, they make camp
  • Sideways Scene
    • Performers: Wayne, Colin, and Jeff
    • Scene: Jeff is a seductive housewife who has invited hunky electrician Colin over to fix the light on her ceiling, and Wayne is the husband who comes home unexpectedly in the middle of a storm
    • Styles: A Twilight movie, Kung fu film, Disaster film


  • All four of you lovely gentlemen


  • Winners join Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva and read out the credits as Olympic synchronized swimmers practicing their routine 


  • This episode titled "Synchronized Swimmers", Production #102, is rated "TV-PG-D".


  • #WLIIA - during the first 30 seconds of the episode
  • #NakedWayne - for 10 seconds during "Hollywood Director"
  • #SwimGirls - for 10 seconds during "Duet"
  • #ForwardRewind - during the first 10 seconds of "Forward Rewind"