Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Whoes line (US)

Air date

August 29, 2003



Episode #



Episode 5-31


Episode 5-33


The Points Don't Matter, Just Like...

  • "Whatever you say after sex."


  • Weird Newscasters
    • Anchor: Colin.
    • Co-anchor: Jeff (Christopher Walken trying out his stand-up routine.)
    • Sports: Wayne (Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera getting into a chick fight during a duet at an awards ceremony.)
    • Weather: Ryan (A swinger checking people out and selecting who he'll take home for tonight's bedroom escapades.)
  • Duet
    • Jeff and Wayne sing a song about audience member and theater popcorn popper Katrina in the style of a big band.
  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Scenes from famous Hollywood movies as written by Dr. Seuss.
    • If boxing corner-men helped us get through our daily routines.
    • U.S. cities that will never have a song written about them.
    • Odd things to hear from the voices in your head.
    • Bad times to smoke a cigarette.
  • Greatest Hits
    • Colin and Ryan pitch the compilation album "Songs of the Motorcycle."
      • The Three Tenors - "The Harley of Seville"
      • A boogie-woogie song, "Alabama Motorcycle Mama With a Llama"
  • Themed Restaurant
    • Wayne and Drew are diners at a horror movie-themed restaurant, while Colin and Ryan are the waiters.


  • Jeff Davis.


  • Jeff reads the credits as Christopher Walken doing his stand-up comedy act.


  • Drew gives out $100 bills instead of points in this episode.
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US)
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