Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Whoes line (US)

Air date

August 15, 2003



Episode #



Episode 5-29


Episode 5-31


The Points Don't Matter, Just Like...

  • "The talent portion of the Miss America contest."


  • Make a Monster
    • Colin is Dr. Frankenstein and Greg is Igor. Ryan is Frankstein's monster. Wayne is the bride of Frankenstein.
    • Greg and Colin chose unusual body parts for their monsters.
      • Frankenstein's monster has Elvis' head, Olympic skater Brian Boitano's legs, and a dirty old man's arms.
      • The bride of Frankenstein has Mr. T's head, Fred Astaire's legs, and a Benihana chef's arms.
    • After waking, Frankenstein and his bride serenade each other.
  • Dubbing
    • Returning special guest Jerry Springer performs a scene with Ryan and Colin. Wayne dubs all of Jerry's words.
    • The scene: Lovesick bored housewife Colin is amazed when a male Strip-O-Gram (Jerry) arrives at her door. At that point, her husband Ryan arrives home and starts to compete for his wife's attention.
  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Unusual things to be coin-operated.
    • Talent segments we'll never see in the Miss America pageant.
    • If department store mannequins could talk.
  • Greatest Hits
    • Colin and Ryan pitch their compilation album "Songs of Science-Fiction."
      • The breakdance song, "Asteroid Boogaloo"
      • A jitterbug song, "Obi-Wan Kenobi With the Flowing Brown Robe-y."
  • World's Worst...
    • Thing to say or do on your first day in prison.


  • Wayne Brady.


  • Greg reads the credits while dancing like a monkey, with the other performers joining him.


  • Talk show host Jerry Springer appeared as a special guest.
  • During the Greatest Hits game, for the first time, Colin joined Wayne's song performances after he and Ryan set them up. (For the second performance, he initially said, "I'm not in it," but after the audience started chanting his name, he said, "You know what, as I recall, there may be a snippet" featuring him.)
  • Filmed along with Season 5 episode 12 and 28 , and Season 7 episode 3 .

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