Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Whoes line (US)

Air date

August 8, 2003



Episode #



Episode 5-28


Episode 5-30


The Points Don't Matter...

  • "If the points were a military power, they'd be Canada."


  • Press Conference
    • Kathy, Ryan, and Wayne are newspaper reporters attending a press conference held by Colin.
    • The topic: The first astronaut to make love on the moon.
  • Sound Effects (with Audience Members)
    • Ann and Valerie provide sound effects for Colin and Ryan respectively.
    • The scene: Chief of police Colin and an angry leader of the village mob (Ryan) are in a forest one stormy night making their way toward Frankenstein's castle to hunt down the monster.
  • Irish Drinking Song about...
    • Graduation.
  • Party Quirks
    • Kathy is hosting a party.
    • Wayne: Kathy's chatty manicurist possessed by an evil Scottish demon.
    • Colin: Wannabe stud practicing pickup lines in the mirror who screws up when faced with real women.
    • Ryan: Apartment maintenance man who's come to fix things but behaves as though he's an action movie hero.
  • Helping Hands
    • Kathy and Ryan act out a scene. Colin provides Ryan's hands.
    • The scene: Ryan is a wedding planner and entertainer who's running through the last-minute details on the day of Kathy's wedding.
  • Themed Restaurant
    • Drew and Kathy are diners at a Wizard of Oz-themed restaurant, where Wayne and Ryan are the waiters.


  • Colin Mochrie.


  • Kathy reads the credits as a waitress at a late-night coffee shop running down the items on the menu to a table full of drunks. The other performers play the drunks.


  • Filmed along with Season 5 episode 2 , 15 and 19
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