Good evening everybody, and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? On tonight's show:

and I'm your host, Drew Carey. Come on down, let's have some fun.

The Points

  • don't matter, just like
    • whether your porn is on DVD or VHS


  • Newsflash
    • News anchors: Ryan and Kathy
    • Field reporter: Colin
    • On the green screen: Rats and mice
  • Two-Line Vocabulary
    • Scene: Colin is Indiana Jones and Ryan and Kathy are his two sidekicks. They're looking for the Holy Grail in an ancient temple full of dangerous traps
    • Lines:
      • Ryan:
        • "What does that do?"
        • "I want out."
      • Kathy:
        • "I love this!"
        • "Are you kidding?"
  • Dubbing
    • Performers: Ryan, Colin, and David with Wayne's voice
    • Scene: Colin is a beautiful woman who's gone swimming and is in trouble, hunky lifeguard David Hasselhoff comes to her rescue, just then, Colin's boyfriend Ryan arrives, determined to show that he is the hunkiest and fittest lifeguard on the beach
  • Three-Headed Broadway Star
    • Performers: Wayne, David, and Ryan
    • To: Venus from the audience
    • Song: "I can't live without your mother"


  • David Hasselhoff


  • David and the performers read the credits as Baywatch lifeguards running in slow-motion to save the people in the credits


  • Filmed along with Season 5 episodes: 02, 15, and 29


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