Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Whoes line (US)

Air date

October 7, 2002



Episode #



Episode 5-04


Episode 5-06


The Points Are As Useless As...

  • "The guy giving away the points on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter."
  • (Later re-used for Episode 7-18.)


  • Superheroes
    • The crisis: A shortage of Post-It Notes.
    • Greg: Delayed Reaction Man.
    • Ryan: Becomes Hysterical Too Easily Girl.
    • Colin: The Happy Flasher.
    • Wayne: Constantly Run Over By A Car Man.
  • Song Styles
    • Wayne sings a song for audience member and professional Bingo caller Ivy in the style of Michael Jackson in Thriller. The other performers act as zombie background dancers.
  • Multiple Personalities
    • Colin, Ryan, and Greg are washed up on a desert island.
    • Binoculars: Jimmy Stewart.
    • Knife: Braveheart.
    • Canteen: Carol Channing.
  • Funeral
    • Greg is leading a funeral service for Katrina, who died in a freak miniature golf accident. Ryan and Colin are the chief mourners. The three of them sing an elegy to Katrina after eulogizing her.
  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Unlikely subjects to be the basis for a musical.
    • Unlikely first lines of medical ads.
    • What's really going through George W. Bush's mind during Cabinet meetings.
  • Irish Drinking Song about...
    • Getting pregnant on a date.
  • Props


  • Greg Proops.


  • Ryan and Colin read the credits as two teenage brothers who can't get lucky with the ladies.


Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US)
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Regular Performers Ryan StilesColin MochrieWayne BradyDrew CareyAisha Tyler
Recurring Performers Chip EstenGreg ProopsBrad SherwoodKathy GreenwoodJeff DavisKaren MaruyamaDenny Siegel

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