Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Whoes line (US)

Air date

September 30, 2002



Episode #



Episode 5-03


Episode 5-05


The Points Don't Matter, Just Like...

  • "Anything your girlfriend tells you while you're watching the game."
  • "A peep hole in a nursing home."


  • Change Letter
    • All the performers have to replace the letter "L" with the letter "P."
    • The scene: A young guy (Brad) and his girlfriend (Colin) are making out in her bedroom when her disapproving parents (Ryan and Wayne) walk in unexpectedly.
  • Duet
    • Wayne and Brad sing a disco song to Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady on ABC's The Brady Bunch.
  • If You Know What I Mean
    • The scene: Colin and Brad are two bakers finishing the night shift in a bakery when Ryan comes in to open up.
  • Dubbing
    • The Brady Bunch's Florence Henderson returns to perform a scene with Ryan and Colin. Brad dubs all of Florence's words.
    • The scene: Hunky pool boy Ryan starts flirting with saucy housewife Florence. As he persuades her to go skinny-dipping with him, her hot-headed husband Colin arrives home with a gift for her.
  • Helping Hands
    • Florence Henderson returns to the stage to perform in a scene with Ryan. Colin provides Ryan's hands.
    • The scene: Over family dinner, Jan Brady (Ryan) is talking with her mother (Florence) about how to attract boys.


  • Florence Henderson.


  • Everyone reads the credits as members of the Brady family snitching on each other to their mom.


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