Good evening everybody and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? On tonight's show:

and I'm Drew Carey, your host. Come on down, let's have some fun.

The Points Don't Matter, Just Like...

  • Who's behind you in the buffet line


  • Hollywood Director
    • Director: Colin
    • Scene: Ryan is a nervous bank robber holding up Wayne, the teller, Greg is a cop who bursts in
    • Notes:
      • Do it like a soap opera (Ryan is pregnant, Wayne is not, Greg has a limp)
      • Speed up, but then slow down
      • Be strippers (Ryan and Greg speed up and slow down, and Wayne strips as Goofy)
  • Song Styles
    • Singer: Wayne
    • About: Bank tellers
    • Style: West Side Story
  • Sound Effects (with Audience Members)
    • Performers: Ryan and Colin
    • Audience members: Mickey and Catherine
    • Scene: Ryan is Tarzan, and Colin is Jane, and they're hunting for food when they hear trouble in the jungle
  • Hats
    • World's worst dating service video
  • Three-Headed Broadway Star
    • Performers: Wayne, Drew, and Ryan
    • To: Christina from the audience
    • Song: "You Fill My Life with Jell-O"


  • Greg Proops and Colin Mochrie
    • Get to relax while the others do a game


  • Ryan and Colin read the credits as your good ole Tarzan and Jane


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