Good evening everybody and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? On tonight's show:

I'm Drew Carey, your host. Come on down, let's have some fun.

The Points Don't Matter, Just Like...

  • An L.A. Clippers ticket


  • Superheroes
    • Greg - Super Scooper
    • Ryan - Drill Sergeant Boy
    • Colin - Wet T-Shirt Contest Boy
    • Wayne - Gap Ad Kid
    • Crisis: Too many doggy landmines
  • Film TV and Theater Styles
    • Performers: Ryan, Colin, and Wayne
    • Scene: Ryan is an android from the future and has come back to warn hot dog vendor, Colin, the chosen one, that evil android Wayne is on a mission to kill him
    • Styles: I Love Lucy, Soap opera, Barney, Martial arts film, 50s musical
  • Hats
    • World's worst dating service video
  • Greatest Hits
    • TV pitchmen: Colin and Ryan
    • Singer: Wayne
    • Album: Songs of the Scoutmaster
    • Songs:
      • Jimmy Cliff - "Be Prepared, 'Cuz I Don't Know What's Going On"
      • Electric blues - "It's a Bear, You're on Your Own"
      • Limp Bizkit - "Killer Jamboree"


  • Wayne Brady
    • Gets to sit there in Drew's warm, sticky seat while the rest do a game


  • Ryan and Greg read the credits as two B-list celebrities hosting a PBS pledge night


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