On tonight's show:

The Points Don't Matter

  • "even though they've been collecting them for years."


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Contestant: Brad
    • Wayne - The Rocky-style biopic of a cockfighting rooster
    • Colin - German pickup artist who gets turned on by ugly things
    • Ryan - Hyperactive teething toddler
  • Duet
    • Wayne and Brad
    • About: Katie Cassidy
    • Style: Mick Jagger
  • Infomercial
    • Ryan and Colin
    • Selling: A kit to help you get the perfect beach body
  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Superheroes you wouldn't want to be rescued by
    • Bad ways to impress your date
  • Helping Hands
    • Katie, and Ryan with Colin's hands
    • Scene: Camping enthusiast Ryan has taken his lovely girlfriend Katie out on a romantic camping trip


  • Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie


  • Winners read the credits as if they've come to the pound to look for a new dog, and Ryan and Brad are the dogs


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