Good evening everybody, and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? On tonight's show:

and I'm Aisha Tyler. Let's have some fun.


  • Hollywood Director
    • Director: Colin
    • Scene: Greg and Jeff are two pilots flying a plane when a storm hits, Wayne enters as a terrified passenger who's being attacked by some escaped snakes
    • Notes:
      • Do it as Elvis Presley (Greg), Christopher Walken (Jeff), James Brown (Wayne)
      • Do it like you're evangelists
  • Props
    • Pairs: Greg and Jeff, Wayne and Colin
  • Dubbing
    • Performers: Wayne, Greg, and Darren with Colin's voice
    • Scene: Street criminal Greg is being arrested by robot cop Darren, who starts to wildly malfunction, and then Wayne enters as Darren's robot cop rival who tries to bring both of them under control
  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Things you can say about your computer, but not your partner
    • Unlikely greeting card messages
  • Greatest Hits
    • Singers: Wayne and Jeff
    • TV voiceover artists: Greg and Colin
    • Album: Songs of Kindergarten
    • Songs:
      • Big band - "I Just Peed During Naptime"
      • Kanye West and Neil Diamond - "I'm Pullin' Sally's Pigtails"


  • Mr. Greg Proops and Mr. Colin Mochrie


  • Winners read the credits as veteran cops on a stakeout, and the other two are committing crimes there in the background



  • #WLIIA - when Aisha sits down
  • #WLIIA - when Aisha introduces "Greatest Hits"

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