Good evening and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? Tonight's performers:

And I'm your host, Drew Carey. Come on, let's have some fun.


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Bachelorette: Brad
      • Wayne - Charismatic politician running for governor
      • Colin - Thinks Brad is absolutely repulsive
      • Ryan - Astronaut with an alien inside him
  • Film Theater and Television Styles
    • Performers: Ryan and Colin
    • Scene: Colin suspects his rival, Ryan, of cheating in a fly fishing competition
    • Styles: Western movie, Disaster, Porno
  • Duet
    • Singers: Brad and Wayne
    • Musician: Laura
    • About: Alisha, a student of music
    • Style: Swing
  • Weird Newscasters
    • Anchor: Brad as "Chuck Sirloin"
    • Co-anchor: Colin - A kid showing off in class
    • Sports: Wayne as "Frank Clamchowder" - A teenager who can't believe he's being dumped by his girlfriend
    • Weather: Ryan as "Al Nino" - Getting younger and younger
  • Moving People
    • Performers: Colin and Ryan
    • Movers from the audience: Katie and Lacey
    • Scene: Colin is an outlaw robbing Ryan's stagecoach 
  • 90-Second Alphabet
    • Performers: Drew and Ryan
    • Scene: Drew is in a restaurant complaining to a temperamental waiter, played by Ryan
    • Starting letter: G


  • Ryan Stiles
    • Gets to play a game with Drew