The Divorce Irish Drinking Song is an edition of the Irish Drinking Song game from the American version of Whose Line. It was performed by Wayne Brady, Gary Anthony Williams, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.


All: Ohhhh, aye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye!

Wayne: California is a no-fault state!

Gary: Strat-dast-ashore!

Colin: I have left my wife,

Ryan: That dirty little whore!

Wayne: She’s gone, I’m gone, we’s pract nixed!

Gary: I’m so happy, hooo!

Colin: Yippee-i-o-ki-yay-ki-yay,

Ryan: Foodie-doodie-doo!

All: Oh, aye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye!

Gary: Well, one day, I loved her,

Colin: And then the next day, not.

Ryan: Now, I can’t even look at her,

Wayne: She’s no longer hot!

Gary: But I’ll find another,

Colin: As sure as the day is long,

Ryan: She will be much younger,

Wayne: And she will appreciate schlong!

All: Oh, aye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye!

Colin: I’ve found the woman of my life!

Ryan: Blonde, silky hair,

Wayne: Arms like a linebacker,

Gary: And big old boobies there.

Colin: She loves me, also,

Ryan: All my faults and all,

Wayne: She accepts me as a complete human being,

Gary: And she’s not very tall!

All: Oh, aye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye!

Ryan: Okay, she’s made of plastic,

Wayne: Yeah, she’s blow up.

Gary: Sure, she’s full of air,

Colin: On her, I rest my cup!

Ryan: But she understands me,

Wayne; And she never ever talks back,

Gary: But I will never poke her,

Colin: Yak-kak-kak-kak-kak!

All: Oh, aye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye! Oh, aye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dye-di-dyyyye-di-dyyyye!

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