Colin Mochrie

Colin Mochrie (born 30 November 1957) is a Scottish-Canadian actor and improvisational comedian, most famous for his appearances on both the British version and the American version of television improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line

Along with frequent partner-in-crime Ryan Stiles, Colin is one of the performers most closely associated with Whose Line, and is responsible for many of the classic moments of the show on both sides of the Atlantic.

Beginning his career as a rather nervous performer with a decided inability to sing, Colin soon developed a role as the person acting out the scene while Ryan provided the sound effects, as well as teaming up with Ryan in the various home shopping-style games. His lack of singing ability never seemed to get in the way, as his custom of ending "Hoedowns" by fainting, rather than rhyming the final line (or deliberately singing in free verse) became a well known feature of the show. Curiously, he was able to sing well - if unusually - in games like "Prison Visitor" (where he is responsible for one of the more famous songs, detailed in that article). His Hoedown abilities gradually improved, and it became his new custom to feature elaborate puns ("Then he'd hit you with a flower/He was Dirty Hare Krishna") in his verses.




Colin is the only performer to appear in every episode of the American version.



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