You may be looking for Christmas Hoedown (US)

The Christmas Hoedown (UK) is an edition of the Hoedown Game from the British version of Whose Line? It was performed by Stephen Frost, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles and Tony Slattery.


Well, I love Christmas, I wish it was every day.
I love Christmas, do you hear what I say?
Sometimes, I go up, and sometimes I go down.
Did you know there was a man named Koko the Clown?

I love Christmas, I love it every year.
'cuz I shove food in my mouth, I grin ear to ear.
My cholesterol is high-

(Colin pretends to faint from high cholesterol, cast and audience roar with laughter)

I really love Christmas, it's better than the rest.
When it comes to holidays, you know it is the best.
I like to celebrate, I guess you know how it goes.
That's why I prefer to sleep with a reindeer with a red nose.

I like Father Christmas, you know he's hell of a man.
I try to see him once a year, as often as I can.
When he comes I do all the locks.
And he comes down the chimney and he fills up my socks.

He fills up my socks!

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