The Break Up Irish Drinking Song is an edition of the Irish Drinking Song game from the American version of Whose Line. It was performed by Wayne Brady, Chip Esten, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.


All: Ohhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Wayne: Today I'm breaking up with her.

Chip: She's really got to go.

Colin: I have a sense of dread.

Ryan: I'm dating a guy named Joe.

Wayne: Because Joe won't leave me.

Chip: And that man won't shave.

Colin: But today he's got to go.

Ryan: He's the man I crave.

All: Ohhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Chip: I'll meet him in a diner.

Colin: And give him one small drink.

Ryan: I'll give him a diamond ring.

Wayne: Leave, what do you think?

Chip: Oh Joe, will be so sad then.

Colin: I'm sure he'll take it well.

Ryan: We'll run away together.

Wayne: And then we'll dance so well.

All: Ohhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Colin: I sat Joe right down.

Ryan: He said, "I do."

Wayne: I said, "I can't love you."

Chip: I'm leaving you.

Colin: Please don't be angry.

Ryan: And Joe started to cry.

Wayne: He cried, "Boo-Hoo-Hoo."

Chip: The tears were in his eye.

All: Ohhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Ryan: Now, I'm all alone.

Wayne: And Joe is long gone.

Chip: And so I'll read my diary.

Colin: I'll just sing this song.

Ryan: But that's the way I like it.

Wayne: I like being alone.

Chip: Oh sure, sometimes I miss him.

Colin: Joe had a nice bone.

All: [ Crack up because of Colin ]

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