The Points Don't Matter, Just Like...

  • "middle children."


  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Rejected Aussie tourism slogans
    • Situations where your Borat impression isn't appropriate
    • Things you can say about your job, but not your partner
    • The good news and the bad news
    • Things you don't want to hear in a doctor's waiting room
  • Whose Line?
    • Scene: Steen is the Tooth Fairy who accidentally wakes up a sleeping Tom.
  • Audience Sound Effects
    • Russell and Jacqueline provide sound effects for Tegan and Cal respectively.
    • Scene: Explorers in the Amazon looking for a rare bird when attacked by wild animals
  • Props
    • Pairs: Tom and Cal, Steen and Tegan
  • Weird Newsreaders
    • Cal - Anchor
    • Tegan - Co-anchor: Just woken up from a 40-year coma
    • Steen - Sports: A health and safety inspector who thinks the studio is a hazard
    • Tom - Weather: An Italian Renaissance inventor testing his new flying machine
  • Questions
    • Scenes:
      • In a prison exercise yard
      • In a jewelry store


  • Tom Walker


  • Each game after the second one was introduced as "The big one."

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